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                  HOW TO ORDER

  Thank you for deciding to order a Black Smoke Shield, we look forward to building you a one of a kind custom product. To place an order you will need to follow these few steps.


1. Copy and paste one of the following numbered templates into an email, fill it out with the information for your shield or radio case, and send it to blacksmokeshields@yahoo.com. Your shield or case will be made using the spelling from your email so be sure that everything is spelled correctly. If there is a shield or case on my site or facebook page that you would like yours to be styled after feel free to copy and paste it into your email along with the template for reference.


2. Once we receive your order we will send you an email confirming your order as well as giving you an estimated wait time and a request for payment.


3. You can pay with Paypal or Credit card thru the paypal button on our website or by check/money order thru the mail (all checks must be made out to David Allred and sent to the address under our “contact” tab). Once your payment is received your shield or case will be put on the list to be built. Once your item is built and shipped you will recieve an email with your USPS tracking number.



Shield Template:

1. shield shape style
2. shield main color
3. top name panel words
4. bottom name panel words
5. color of the name panels

6. name panel lettering color
7. middle number and number color ( or middle design) 
8. character or design above top name panel (if desired)

9. make and model of helmet it will be mounted on.
10. mailing address
11. email address


Radio case Template:

1. radio brand and model
2. case color
3. middle character (number or design)
4. name (name/department)
5. mailing address
6. email address