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Shape Styles


To place an order you will need to follow these few steps.


1. Copy and paste the following NUMBERED template into an email, fill it out with the information

for your shield, and send it to Feel free to include reference photos.


2. Once we receive your email, we will reply confirming your design as well as giving you an estimated wait time and a request for payment.


**NOTE- As soon as payment is received your shield will automatically be put on our build list.


3. To submit payment for your order you will go to the "SHOP" page of this website, select the correct shield (Medallion, Specialty, or Standard), and check out.



Shield Template:

1. shield shape style
2. shield main color
3. top name panel words
4. bottom name panel words
5. color of the name panels

6. name panel lettering color
7. middle number and number color (or middle design) 
8. character or design above top name panel (if desired)

9. make and model of helmet it will be mounted on
10. mailing address
11. email address



Traditional shape (website).png
Modern Short (website).png
Boston (website).png
Phenix First-Due(website).png
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