Standard Traditional Shield -$105 +shipping
Standard shields are fully customizable with color, words, and number but are limited to a top name panel, bottom name panel and a middle number (3 numbers max). Standard shields also include a small design or initials at the top of the shield however any design requiring a custom stamp will be a specialty shield. 
Specialty Shield - $130 +shipping
The specialty shield covers any other design beyond the standard shield. It includes custom designs, colors, numbers, and words. Specialty shields also include shields that have a medallion or custom logo stamp, as well as passport shields.

Universal Radio Case - $70 +shipping


Our universal radio case is 6" tall (4" tall to the dips on the sides) and the interior dimensions are 1 3/4" by 2 1/2". The face is fully customizable to include a middle character and two word rockers. The case has the hardware to attach it to a radio strap (case does NOT include the strap)